Yo what’s up beautiful people!!

I was recently inspired to create a blog about all that I love.  There are some many moments in my life that I want to share with you all.  For those that don’t know me from JustKiddingFilms or from my personal vlogging channel on YouTube (Geo Antoinette) I always try to capture my life in video clips, but a lot of those moments are left unshared.  Sometimes the lighting is horrible, or the audio, or simply put… they won’t allow any sort of recording/capturing devices =/.  Finally I have the cure….MY PERSONAL BLOG!!

I’m super duper new to the blogging world but I will be up and running in no time.  STAY TUNNED!!

7 thoughts on “Yo what’s up beautiful people!!

  1. Love it. Will there be a question and answer section? Like an “Ask me anything you would like…” section like some blogs do? I live in Lubbock Texas but am originally from Los Angeles. I got my BA at CSULA and my MBA at Cal Poly Pomona. I miss LA. Reading your blogs would save my sanity.
    Jessie Caesareo

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